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Why see Daniel Tosh?

Controversial, politically incorrect, a firm favorite!

One of the most controversial comics out on the circuit today, the presenter of Tosh 2.0 is a fearless performer who frequently pushes the envelope with punchlines that come across as intentionally racist, sexist or homophobic. With his firm grasp of irony and cynicism, this is counterbalanced with his trademark upbeat delivery style and winning smile, making him a firm favorite within student circles.

There is no subject out of bounds for the US comic, who ignited a national storm in 2012 about just how far is too far when it comes to making certain kinds of jokes.

His Comedy Central show Tosh.0, in which he dissects viral videos, often draws larger audience than more established shows such as The Colbert Report and The Daily Show. In fact, Tosh was hotly tipped to become the new host of the latter, before losing out to South African comic Trevor Noah. Despite this, Tosh's star has risen to the top, so there's no better time to see him if you like your comedy biting, jaw-dropping and full of political incorrectness.If not, stay well clear!

Key Information


Suitable for ages 18+ due to strong language and mature themes

Run Time

One hour and 30 minutes


Finished Sep 15, 2023


Customer reviews

9 reviews, average rating: (3.3 Stars)

Just Some Guy


I haven't seen Tosh stand up in quite a while so I jumped at the chance to grab tickets when I heard he was coming to town. Always loved the show and thoroughly enjoy the podcast. The pod obviously reveals a bit more of the "real-life" Tosh - shows a bit of his softer side, often talking about his kids and family life and what not... so I'll admit I was wondering if maybe some of his more "offensive" material was behind him. I couldn't have been happier to be proven very, very wrong. Absolutely savage, and hilarious as hell. My face hurt from smiling and laughing through the entire show. So much fun. Eddie was really great as well. Nice surprise guest. An epic night at The Murat Theater. ... Read more

Robert Stanley

Pay attention, because there’s a message to the madness

Daniel Tosh, whether you love him or hate him, is really smart. He makes a joke that “offends” to get you laughing and then shifts to an alternative perspective seamlessly and ties it all back to the original message. This is not an easy thing to do and the level of detail and depth of understanding is very impressive. Now I know I could have just said he’s really funny, but I personally feel that minimizes the skill and work that Tosh puts into his shows. Perhaps I am completely full of shit, who knows? Go see him and make up your own mind. I promise you’ll laugh at something! ... Read more


80 percent

I saw Tosh 10 years ago in Baltimore. He was by far the funniest comedian I have ever seen live. The 2023 show in San Diego was about 80% of where he was in Baltimore. He is still hilarious- but some of his content selection is odd like his Tosh Show with the Gynecologists. Reminded me a little of George Carlin when he got very dark towards the end. Good news is he still has it and for 80% of the show he was still hilarious! ... Read more


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